MMM 2020 26th International Conference on Multimedia Modeling January 5-8, 2020 / Daejeon, Korea

Social Events

VBS & Welcome Reception

All participants are cordially invited to the VBS & Welcome Reception. The Video Browser Showdown (VBS) is an annual live video search competition, where researchers evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their exploratory video retrieval tools on a shared data set in front of the audience. In this special session the participating teams start with a quick presentation of their video search systems and then perform several video retrieval tasks within a large video collection.

Before we start the reception, there will be a chance to visit Vision Hall. At the hall, you can see the past, present and the future of KAIST at the same place. KAIST vision hall includes footprints of our university, which has aimed inclusive growth and suggested creative resolutions by challenging the road no one has been. Also, it is illuminating bright future where ‘More beautiful changes than we expected’ KAIST will make under the ‘C3’ spirit, Challenge to solve the dilemmas of mankind, creativity and caring, which includes inclusiveness and respect.

* The shuttle bus will depart at 15:40 from the DCC main entrance.

Scholar Night

MMM2020 organizing committee

prepared a special program for all participants. Enjoy unlimited free beers with participants from all over the world. It will be a great opportunity to develop a broad, deep and diverse network of personal connections.

* The shuttle bus will depart at 19:45 from the KAIST Academic Cultural Complex.

Conference Dinner

The highlight of the social program will be the Banquet. Before we start the banquet, there will be a reception with Korean traditional liquor at the lobby. Also, there will be a Korean traditional performance during the banquet. We hope you have a wonderful night with delightful food and performance.