Intelligent Multimedia Security

Session Abstract

Recent advances in multimedia computing have opened many avenues for security services that have the potential to increase their "intelligent". These technological advances – which span a broad range of information security tasks including data protection, multimedia forensics, hidden communications and biometrics, as well as topics in privacy, policy and legal issues in relation to multimedia security and forensics in real world applications. Moreover, by harnessing the power of the cloud, computationally-intensive security analytics have become increasingly accessible to ordinary users. This special session aims at demonstrating how the state-of-the-art multimedia techniques has contributed, and are contributing to the emerging topics in the area of intelligent multimedia security. It is a timely topic following the rapid development of deep learning technologies and their remarkable applications to the security field. It will serve as a forum to bring together active researchers and practitioners to share their recent advances in this exciting area. In particular, we solicit original and high-quality contributions in: (1) present state-of-the-art theories and novel application scenarios related to intelligent multimedia security; (2) survey the recent progress in this area; and (3) build benchmark datasets. We welcome contributions coming from various communities (i.e., signal processing, cryptology, information security, machine learning, multimedia analysis, distributed and cloud computing, etc.) to submit their novel results.

The list of possible topics includes, but not limited to: