AI-Powered 3D Vision

Session Abstract

Interactive media via immersive technologies such as three-dimensional (3D) television, virtual reality and other visual applications has been undergoing a rapidly growth and facing great challenges in recent years. Moreover, localization in 3D space becomes critical for vision-based intelligent applications, e.g. in robot control, unmanned driving or aviation, surgery navigation via endoscope, etc. As the basis of such visual-related intelligent applications, 3D vision exhibits a great potential for fundamentally new ways on how visual information can be processed. Many believes AI-Powered 3D vision present a unique opportunity for scholars from different disciplines to develop methodical approaches and (or) intelligent, immersive and interactive systems at many different levels.

This special issue is devoted to the publications of high-quality papers on technical developments and practical applications around 3D vision and its intelligent applications. It will serve as a forum for recent advances in the fields of but not limited to 3D multimedia processing, content analysis, human-machine interaction, virtual/augmented reality, and emerging new intelligent applications, such as 3D or free-viewpoint navigation system, 3D model retrieval and design system, and personalized socio-mobile experience. The special issue seeks for original contribution of works which addresses the challenges from the capturing and processing for 3D vision data.

The list of possible topics includes, but not limited to: